• New business creation

    • In addition to business creation that considers synergies with existing businesses, providing support for new entry into new business areas.
    • Efficiently procure human resources necessary for initial launch from both inside and outside of the company, and launch business in a very short period.
    • Providing follow up service such as formulating operations related to business operations.
  • Business strategy planning

    • Formulating management and business strategies including overseas expansion and M & A, based on extraction of business issues and corporate policies.
    • In addition to growth strategy, formulate management / business plan for objectives such as business withdrawal, reduction, and succession.
    • Supporting not only strategy formulation but also execution.
  • Market research

    • Market research and analysis service for domestic and overseas.
    • Owning affiliated subsidiaries in Germany, Shanghai, and Malaysia that able to provide local staff or local language for the project.
  • PMO support service

    • Establishing PMO (Project Management Office) and provide support for all fields of promotion, and standardization / improving efficiency of project management.
  • System construction support (requirement definition)

    • Support for defining business requirements and the requirements for systems based on them. Also support for clarifying the expected roles and effects, and defining the requirements such as functions and performance of the system required to achieve that.
  • IoT Advisory Service

    • Supporting the formulation of solutions for IoT introduction, such as business improvement utilizing IoT.
    • In regional revitalization, we formulate the concept of IoT network town.

Achievements (example)

  • 【New business creation】

    Created a new business for a consulting company. The company was trying to create a new business while operating a consulting business. We supported the launch of a new "English conversation learning business" (service) that maximizes existing assets (human resources, etc.) and aims to achieve synergies with existing businesses. We also implemented service design, pricing, and profit model related to new services. [The service is currently in operation]

  • 【PMO support service】

    ・Supports the introduction of a production management system that accompanies business integration associated with M & A in a major manufacturing industry.
    ・Provides support such as reorganizing business rules in the financial domain and building functions in the system.