Representative Director’s Message

Recently, many companies have joined the big league by offering new services and have transitioned into market capitalization. On the other hand, we have the companies that have been running for many years.Although they have not fallen behind, it is obvious that they haven’t been able to keep up with these new competitors.

Initially, in spite of the novelty of their business ideas, most of these new companies could not secure profits immediately. However, these companies have become game changers that reinvented the old-fashioned market, and now they reign as game makers controlling the market.

The owner of Gravity is also an investor who does not follow the old-fashioned way of thinking. He invests in visions or businesses that have hidden potential instead of predictable ones, and constantly works towards making these visions reality.

Therefore, our group is constantly working on creating and maintaining a work environment that can accept and create new values by employing global talent and promoting open-mindedness.

If you have promising ideas, join hands with us to open the door to the future.

Representative Director Yoshihisa MineRepresentative DirectorRepresentative Director