Our Policies

  • Invest in people

    At Gravity, we believe that your personality and passion matter more than business prospects.

  • Invest for medium-term goals

    We do not seek short term returns. Gravity will join hands with you to create a business with a strong foundation that will continue in the long run.

  • Invest across the globe

    If the proposed business plan has potential, it will be considered for investment regardless of language or geographical constraints.

  • Invest in every domain

    Our evaluations are not influenced by trends. Our selection criteria for investing in a domain are: "Your concept", "Synergy with the existing enterprise" and "Creating new social values".


  • Washokujob Japan Food Consulting Co., Ltd.

    Operates a job listing service to connect Japanese chef and overseas Japanese restaurants.

  • ITTD(IoT Total Designer) [Planned to be separated] Gravity Co., Ltd.

    A total designer of IoT devices that connects devices (technology) and end users (needs). We will propose a combination of IoT devices, and support to setting.

  • mitete mitete Co., Ltd.

    A matching service that connects parents who want to use nurseries to nurseries with vacancies.

  • Valet selling『Goodsell』in China domestic EC Gravity Co., Ltd.ravity

    A service that provides valet sales for Japanese specialties mainly sake, to EC in China. We also support the shop opening of products (companies) that have received lots of  great feedback after selling.

    goodsell ウェブサイト
  • Noen Confinement Center Gravity Plus Sdn Bhd

    A care center where mother and baby can be together post delivery. Targeted at Chinese Malaysians.

    Noen Confinement Center ウェブサイト(準備中)

    This movie is set in the world of start-up companies. Startup Girl is the comedic and heartwarming story of two girls.

    startupgirl web
  • Attuned EQIQ K.K.

    Attuned's SaaS platform generates insights and actions based on each employee’s intrinsic motivation for better communication, morale, team effectiveness and productivity. Going beyond engagement, Attuned gives managers the power to make work more meaningful.

    attuned web